ÖZKA LASTİK, having laid its foundation in the year 1994, manufactured products for the tyre retreading industry during the first years of it manufacturing activities.

ÖZKA, determining its vision as being the leader brand in the domestic market and being a reputable brand in the foreign market, has clearly set forth its policy and targets with its strategical planning activities it has been carrying out in a professional manner. Within this scope, it firstly moved to its new facility in the year 2004 and started production in the Garden/Field, Light Truck – Van, Trailer, Tractor Front, Tractor Rear, Heavy Construction Equipment, Combine Harvester, Forklift and Panzer Tank Tyre groups. ÖZKA, continuing with its investments and increasing its capacity, added the Radial Tractor Tyre to its product range, hence became one of the biggest tyre manufacturing plants in the country.

ÖZKA, having a voice in the domestic market within a short period of time with its robust, reliable and durable tyres, all of which are in conformity with national and international standards (TSE, ETRTO, ECE) also export tyres to the whole world, mainly to Europe and Middle East as its foreign market.

Having adopted the total quality management, ÖZKA has been implementing the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001 management systems and therefore ensures the product quality and safety in all its processes starting from the control of raw material input and including post-shipment.

OZKA, bearing a social responsibility, has revealed its respect and precise approach accordingly by means of signing the global principles agreement. It increases its employment rate day by day by converting its profit to investment. It carries out its activities in conformity with the statutory regulations with respect to environmental and work safety issues. ÖZKA, creating added value for the environment and the economy by recycling and recovering the processed scrap, thus reveals its distinction from the other tyre manufacturing plants in Turkey.

ÖZKA, acting with the philosophy of “the employee is the keystone to a sustainable growth”, provides the environment and resources required for the participation and development of its employees along with the machinery equipment investments. Within this scope, it plans and applies activities such as attendance to domestic and abroad trade fairs, seminars, training, etc.

ÖZKA combining its young and dynamic team with experienced managers, continues its investments and growth in accordance with its strategical planning.